Vinyl Floor Maintenance Bath and Bristol

Even our hard wearing luxury vinyl floor tiles may require maintenance from time to time. A specialist floor cleaner such as Amtico floorcare maintainer is much better than the type of products available from your supermarket (which typically contain bleach). Many of the tiles have a polyeurethane coating meaning cleaning is the only maintenance required. For products without this coating , or if a more gloss appearance is preferred the use of a suitable floor dressing / polish is recommended. This will make the floor easier to clean, more resistant to scuff marks and wear better. Periodically the floor dressing should be removed and re applied using the recommended floor stripper. This kind of floor maintenance is also recommended for rubber flooring.

As with all hard floors these products may be scratched if mistreated. The use of door mats at entrances is recommended to prevent grit from being trafficked on to the surface of the floor. Furniture should be fitted with suitable felt pads or caster cups to prevent damage. Small microscratches in the surface are normal and not considered a fault.